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Susan Hodgkins, Science Teacher, St. Thomas More Cathedral School, Arlington, Virginia

My students and their parents love the program. As a veteran teacher (30+ years) this is the best program in science that demonstrates difficult concepts in an engaging manner so that students retain information. We use the active board in the classroom (Tues. - Fri.) and we work in the computer lab with the computer teacher (Mon.) to further implement this program. It totally covers the sixth grade curriculum and the students look forward to science. Parents are very impressed with the program and expressed their appreciation with a standing ovation at back-to-school night.

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Robin Cerny, North Avenue Intermediate, Gonzales, Texas

Even though we have just begun to use the 3D Lesson in our science curriculum, the excitement and connections being made by the students are outstanding. We will also be using the Biosphere unit to help explain the different biomes found here on earth. This 3D lesson is a very powerful tool to use when teaching science to middle school students. I have really enjoyed it so far and can't wait to use it in the future. Thank you so much!

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Kristi Lindberg, Science Educator, High Plains Community School, Clarks, Nebraska

I felt that the kids were more excited to come to class after I started using Project 3D-View. They even started looking for Science outside of school and bringing it into the classroom. Is that not what we as teachers want our students to do? It was awesome having my students coming into my room and telling what they saw on the Discovery Channel or on the news. It always related to exactly what we were talking about. They loved seeing the clips. This made the concepts more real to them and allowed them to understand them. Reading about the concepts in the text just doesn't cut it for all students. It's that visual that makes it meaningful.

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Karen Johnson, PhD., Science Educator, Niver Creek Middle School, Thornton, Colorado

I have been using the 3d view with my 6th graders and they love it. I am on a district level 6th grade science team and was sharing the information regarding the 3d view today at a meeting. We were wondering if there is any training that could be provided to our interested 6th grade teachers. There could potentially be about 20 teachers interested and the district would support an in-service training to bring everyone together.

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Jackie Johnson, 5th Grade Teacher, Pioneer Peak Elementary, Palmer, Alaska

My students and I are loving these materials!!! I have never had students use such science rich language in such a short amount of time. This has made science fun again for me. I can't wait to use more of this next year. I have already had 'district officials' take an interest in my use of these materials. PLEASE let me know if you are going to have any more programs of this nature. I would really love to see 3D Space content!! I also really appreciate the fact that you remain in contact with us. So many times we are completely forgotten after the initial training/class. This continues to be great!!!

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Claudia Butter, Open Classroom Charter School, Salt Lake City, Utah

This product is wonderful. It is well organized, has wonderful graphics and will replace many of my lessons (see above). Because we do not have textbooks, most of my classes have been either hands-on labs, videos, computer based research and/or computer based activities. I have had to piece together most of my resources. This product gives me an integrated program. By using this product as my "backbone" I can supplement my core curriculum with some of the labs and activities I have already done. I have been looking for a way to integrate the life, earth and physical science curriculum that is unrelated (as written in my state core). The 3D-View is a lovely way to show how it is all related.

I will still be looking for links to the 6th grade space (solar system, moon, constellation) curriculum and the 5th and 7th grade heredity curriculum. However, most of my needs can be met with 3D-View.

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Hiedi Weibke, Ogden Preparatory Academy, Ogden, Utah

3D-View will meet the Utah curriculum needs in so many ways. Most importantly, it will help me tie technology into the curriculum and provide students some awesome visuals that I couldn't otherwise provide them without this excellent program. It most definitely helps me enrich the fifth grade curriculum because they learn about the land and how it is always changing. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this project. Next years unit on Earth's geological processes will be excellent.

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Katelyn Flack, George Long Elementary, Grass Lake, Michigan

I feel that 3d-view will really help fill the "gaps" I have experienced with teaching science this year. I am a firm believer that you cannot just read about science, you need to see and do in order to really "get" science. 3d view will really help my students "get" science.

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Terri Peterson, Van Buren Elementary, Loveland, Colorado

These materials are exceptional. I appreciate not only the dynamic aspects of them, but also the quality of the science presented. The "misconceptions" sections are very helpful. They will definitely help me to fine tune not only my presentation, but my knowledge as well.

As our district is moving toward integration of technology in instruction, this is exactly what we need. The only complaint I have about this class is that I did not know about it sooner. I wish it were September again rather than the spring quarter. Thank you so much!

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Jeanelle Mahurin, Gasconade County R-2 / Owensville Elementary School, Owensville, Missouri

I really enjoyed all the spheres and how they interact with each other in the Earth Systems. I think the units are well developed with great activities for students to explore their scientific abilities and locate answers for their many questions. ...I think your environmental issues and the human impact lesson was wonderful; and I can't wait to have my students' research and build their own school.

Most of 3-D View matches our curriculum. I would like to apply most, if not all, of 3-D View curriculum next year and in the years to come. I am extremely happy with the many resources located on the DVD. The difficult part as a science teacher is locating and compiling all of that information into units. It is so nice to have it all in one central location. I can't wait to look further into the curriculum and see what activities I can insert into my current lessons to help student comprehension. My administrator is excited about the implementation of this program in my classroom and she can't wait to see it in action.

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Ms. Amanda Dalton, NYES 5th Grade Science, Nelsonville York Elementary, Nelsonville, Ohio

3D View is lined up perfectly with my standards! I can't believe how awesome it is. There are many areas where my curriculum books are lacking! This will enrich my curriculum tremedously!

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Amy Myers, Sheffield Elementary, Lynchburg, Virginia

One of the most helpful points is how well it is all interconnected. This program will provide a way for students to finally see and understand how all of the sciences and parts of the earth are related. I'm not sure that I've been able to do that in the past.

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Cynthia Molina, Willoughby Elementary School, Norfolk, Virginia

I believe that the students will love learning using the 3-D View program because it is very interactive. Vocabulary won't seem so daunting to understand with all the plethora of visual aids and interactive materials provided in the program. I know that they will learn to love science and not dread the constant barrage of Standards of Learning questions forced upon them so that they memorize and remember facts simply as facts. Science is all around them. It is real and it's alive if we open our eyes.

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Crystal Wheeler, Village of Barboursville Elementary, Barboursville, West Virginia

The training format and flexibility were excellent. The experience was very positive, and the website was very user-friendly. There are many materials that I can blend or replace. Our current science text lacks a lot of effective, engaging activities for the students. Therefore, that component will be a huge help for me. Additionally, these labs are much more relevant and of better quality than the ones that are provided with our textbooks. Lastly, and most importantly, the 3D animations, videos, and interactions will be so beneficial to the students. The program appeals to so many different learning styles, and more students will be engaged and excited about learning science. Since there are so many real-world situations given within the units, the students will easily see how science impacts their everyday lives and hopefully come to love learning more about it.

3D-VIEW could almost single-handedly meet my curriculum needs for science. The majority of the concepts covered in the units are linked to our state content standards. As mentioned above, our text is not very effective for our students. The integration of all the lessons, DVDs, blackline masters, animations, etc. into the science lessons makes it so easy to use and so much more relevant and exciting for students and teachers! I am very excited to share this with my students! Of course, the students will also love the 3D glasses!! How often in school do you get to do that? As educators, it is becoming more and more challenging to compete with the high-tech equipment that the students use in their leisure time. Programs like 3D-VIEW help us educate, enlighten, and even entertain the students. It will definitely keep their attention longer than the textbook does. Thank you so much for developing such a wonderful program for students and teachers! :)

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Donna Landsmen, Elm Lawn Elementary, Middleton, Wisconsin

The entire program is very closely aligned with the science curriculum of our district. I am also very pleased with the testing and accountability that is a part of the program. I have felt that area was lacking in the FOSS materials. In addition the techniques for vocabulary building are great as well as the hands on activities. I am our schools representative for our district science committee and I am anxious to share this program with our Asst. Superintendent.

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Kelley Haston, Woodland Park, Sparta, Tennessee

Tennessee will introduce new science standards beginning the '09-'10 school year. The Project 3D-VIEW encompasses the majority of these standards... NASA 3D-VIEW will definitely meet my curriculum needs. From looking at our new standards, I think I will be replacing most of the adopted science curriculum with this new program.

I will begin with the Introduction and continue through the 4 Spheres of the Earth units. From what I can tell, I will need to supplement with our current science curriculum materials in the study of the universe-origin and structure, potential and kinetic energy, gravity, and motion.

I have really enjoyed this NASA 3D-VIEW training experience. I have just received a Smart Board in my classroom and am so excited to use both these tools in my teaching. I can't wait to get the DVD and 3D glasses for the entire class. They are going to love it!! I will also be using the 734 page color Teacher Book to plan the rest of my lessons this year. I can scan the blackline masters into my computer and let the students use them interactively on the white board.

I enjoy teaching science, and I know this will intrigue my students. They love to get involved in their learning, and this is the perfect curriculum to get that done. The many demonstrations, activities, and 3D lessons will be like nothing students have experienced before in science. I can't wait to begin using these activities in my classroom!

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Linda Spring, Midvale Elementary, Midvale, Ohio

Next year I will be teaching 4th and 5th grade STEM classes. I think these units will fit so well into my curriculum... Because we have so much to cover getting them ready for the achievement test, I always feel like I can only touch the surface of most areas. Next year there will be a science teacher but also me teaching STEM classes. I feel like I will really be able to spend the amount of time needed for your units and really be able to get into them. I will look at the concepts that I feel they struggled with this year and use your curriculum - especially the 3D movies and animations - to help them to better understand it... I like the introduction stories and the end-of-unit projects and those are something I will use.

3D VIEW got me really excited to teach next year. I does meet my curriculum needs because as the STEM teacher I will be incorporating the science, math, and technology and your program certainly does that.

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Marlida Smith, Watauga Elementary School, Ridgetop, Tennessee

It all flows together so well and shows how our world is connected. The experiments are all so "doable"!

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Shiela Cassady, Atoka Elementary, Atoka, Tennessee

Based on my training, the Project 3D-View can replace my entire science curriculum because it exceeds the assessed standards taught at my grade level. The books and workbooks could be replaced by the information and experiments in the videos. The animations can replace other videos or just words written in a book. The materials will be utilized daily in my classroom. Technology is included in all of my lessons. However, Project 3D-View will take my teaching and the students' learning to a new level. I can't wait to show them the material!

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Sue Thompson, David Barton Elementary, Booneville, Missouri

Being a gifted education teacher my curriculum varies. I could easily plan a unit that would be a stand alone unit for my 4th and 5th graders, but I very often try to build and enhance curriculum that is in the regular classroom. This curriculum could easily blend in with various aspects of the regular curriculm. By fitting it in when the regular classrooms are implementing it, it will work not only for my curriculum but theirs as well. The NASA 3-D VIEW uses extended vocabulary, technology, individualization, and inquiry, all things that I look for when I adapt curriculum for my class.

The 3-D VIEW will enrich classroom topics and add additional components to classroom curriculum. It is easy to use and I know my students will be very excited to go back to their rooms an share the things that they have learned about things they are already studying in the classroom. It will not only meet the needs of my own students, but it will be a more extensive curriculum for the students that they share with. Inquiry is one of the bases of the gifted curriculum and by having my student investigate each of the components of this curriculum I will be meeting and challenging them.

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Tammy Rensch, Linden Elementary, Fremont, Nebraska

I think the NASA curriculum will be a great way to encourage high-ability learners to step up and dig deeper into understanding, however, you could modify this curriculum to even special education students and everyone in between. I am hoping to create a "Science buzz." I want students to love Science and want to learn more. I think with the adding of more technology, the buzz may happen...I am buzzing already! I am excited to pass on my Science excitement. Thank you for this opportunity to take part in 3D-VIEW.

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Jeff Johnson, Salem School District, Salem, Wisconsin

From the beginning of this course, on the first night of class when I saw the first lesson that I would be teaching, I was hooked on this class and they way I was going to teach it. The very next day, I went to my administrator and talked with her explaining what and how I wanted to teach science from that point on...

I realized from the get go that something had changed because now I had students who were raising hands, asking questions and completing work. My number of late work or missing work assignments virtually went to zero. My paraprofessional in my room and the special education instructor both made this comment to me within the first week. They had never seen their students so actively engaged and willing to share their thoughts and questions. I believe the organization and presentation of the material had a lot to do with this.

The implementation of this program has had a serious impact on my approach to teaching. I have changed my whole methodology to how I planned for and taught my earth science class. This program has also increased my content knowledge of my topic of study which I thought was already pretty extensive. Most importantly, however, the largest change was in how my students learned and succeeded in science class. With this program, my style of teaching and love of teaching has really changed for the better positively affecting my students.

Planning for science has made me seriously alter the way I looked at what I taught and how I taught. I had to do a lot of preplanning when it came to the lessons for each unit. Prior to taking this class, my approach to science was quite a bit more relaxed because the procedures that I followed were specified in my teacher's manual. All I had to do was follow the directions and read what the book said. Now I really had to look at the lessons being taught and think about how they related to the common these of how the spheres of the earth are all related. This way I had a clearer understanding of the topic and was able to make my students understand it better. In essence, what this program caused me to do was to really think about what I was teaching. Think about what I wanted to get across and how I was going to make this learning experience more engaging for my students.

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Tanya Baumgardner, R Roger Rowe, Rancho Santa Fe, California

...We are demolishing our school next week and building a new one. The Building a Sustainable School activity was so timely and my kids were so into it. I assigned each group of four to act out, within their group, the roles of school board member, adult in the community without children, local business owner, and 6th grade student who has gone through Project 3D View this year. They based their decisions on their role as they designed their school and created a presentation for the mock school board. They've started their presentations today and it has been so rewarding to see what they've learned from this year, all thanks to your materials!!! I can't say enough! Take care, enjoy the summer, and I hope there are lots more teachers out there signed up for the training!

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